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Blackboard and Me+Billy

Every once in a while someone asks me about my relationship with Blackboard Inc. Mr. Hoffman nor I are allowed to talk about this much, so I made this page to provide links to publicly available documentation related to our suit with Blackboard. If you're a journalist, the references on this page will probably answer your questions.

  1. Billy's original article "Campuswide Wide Open" in 2600 Magazine.
  2. Billy's FAQ about CampusWide
  3. The temporary restraining order Billy and I received
  4. The letter Billy and I received accompanying the temporary restraining order page1 page2
  5. The formal legal complaint against us
  6. We settled out of court. Blackboard's settlement announcement.

  • Various useful links: Concering Acidus, Virgil, and Blackboard

    Some media coverage:

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